About our residential services

Residential Provision

Residential accommodation is available within the Foundation’s onsite children’s homes for children who cannot attend school as a day pupil due to the distance between school and their home, or for whom education and support in beyond the school day is required. For some young people we offer regular nights in residence to develop independent living skills and training opportunities, which reinforce learning in an alternative environment to the home. We also offer respite care for families on a regular basis with support from social services. Parents of new resident children are encouraged to visit the residences to get to know staff and to support the work that is carried out in these areas.

At present the residential provision is spread over three properties: Tees House, Coquet House and East Cottage.

The residential service operates on a weekly boarding basis for up to 19 residents some of whom return home each weekend while others also spend the weekend with us. Those in residence live in a group setting supported by a team of care staff who also live in residence with the children from Monday evenings until Friday morning. We also offer weekend respite services which include a range of short break options matched to individual pupil needs.

The care team includes a team of staff who work full-time in the residential setting and this is complimented by a number of school staff who provide additional support to individual young people. This system means that there is excellent consistency between the residential and the school setting with regard to communication approach, behaviour management and target setting for any individual pupil programmes. The staff are led by a House Manager and a Deputy House Manager, with support provided by the Head of Children’s Residential Services. Senior staff are on call at all times to provide additional support if required.

The service is able to provide high quality respite care and independence programmes on a part-time basis. Short break services are offered regularly with families able to access a range of funding streams to support a child’s participation.