Children/young people who are considered suitable for admission are referred by their Local Authority, who would accept responsibility for the education package. An initial enquiry may come via the family, a social worker, another school or parent partnership officer. An initial visit to the school would be organise in the first instance to allow the family the opportunity to consider the provision and discuss their child’s needs in an informal meeting.

An assessment may then be carried out of the individual needs of the child/young person. The assessment process will be completed by our experienced team of teachers, therapists and educational psychologist. The referral normally takes the form of presenting educational, therapeutic and medical reports. These reports are considered and any child/young person who we feel may benefit from our approaches and will usually be offered a one week assessment. The outcome of the week long assessment is presented to the local authority and parents in the form of a detailed report. For some children and young people it may not be appropriate for them to be placed in an unfamiliar setting for the assessment and in these cases the assessment team will visit the young person in their current setting to gather the information required.

Support for parents is made available throughout the whole assessment and admissions process. Our objective is to ensure that every child/young person gets  a very detailed report to help all involved in the planning of the educational package in order to fully meet their needs. Our reports enable parents and their local authority to have an informed discussion based on an independent assessment of the child/young person’s needs in order to best determine future provision. We provide a detailed description of the child’s needs plus a list of clear recommendations. If we are unable to offer a place we will work to support the family in identifying other options that may provide an alternative service.

The school works within the context of the Children and Families Bill and Code of Practice in support of pupil/student and family preference regarding placement. However Local Authorities are responsible for provision and placement and presently we are working within a framework of procurement to enable Local Authorities to provide best quality, value for money provision and placements within the private and non maintained sector. This process is presently under review and some changes to the framework are being considered, June 2016.


Further information will impact upon this policy in due course.

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