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Michelle’s class newsletters:

Michelle and Ashleigh’s Newsletter September 2016

Spring 2017 Newsletter Michelle and Ashleigh’s class


Balloon Rockets – January 2017

As part of our design and inventions topic we have been making different modes of transport in science and exploring how to make them move using different forces. In the photos students made balloon rockets, they followed symbols supported instructions, requested resources using their preferred method of communication and commented on what they observed and what they thought might happen using PECS.

Balloons rockets MB    balloons rockets OU

Enterprise – January 2017

We have begun a class enterprise called ‘pleased to greet you’ making a selection of greetings cards. Students have made choices for designs, organised resources and completed cards making choices and requests for colours and materials. We are hoping to sell cards within school and a local café.

Cards U

ASDAN – Autumn Term 2016

The students worked on the module ‘Performing Arts’. Throughout this module they explored various aspects of performance including mask work, puppetry, dancing and mime. They really enjoyed participating in the mime session, working with each other to face paint and explore movement.

Asdan Alex    Asdan Martin