School Services

The school provides a specialist curriculum for each of its populations – Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired, PMLD and ASD. The attached service leaflets explain the different services we offer to each of our populations in detail.

The Curriculum

The school offers a highly differentiated curriculum for each population with a high level of support for all children. Through the curriculum many opportunities are provided for children to develop their academic, practical and creative abilities within the context of a caring, supportive environment sensitive to individual needs and personal growth.

A wide range of subjects and activities is delivered and we consider national guidance in order to plan our own programmes and meet the needs of each child. For some children, particularly those with complex special educational needs, materials and activities usually associated with early learning are adapted to enable children to progress and demonstrate achievement. This involves significant adaptation as appropriate to age, stage of development and individual need.

Within the school, early learning goals and all subjects of the National Curriculum (except a Modern Foreign Language) are provided through means appropriate to each child’s individual needs. All children and young people are taught in class groups which are generally organised according to their needs and with regard to age although, where necessary, we alter groups according to ability and the teaching requirements of individuals. Specialist rooms are available for some lessons including food technology and design technology.

Early reading skills

A wide range of strategies are used across school to teach early reading skills. Each strategy is well researched and selected to meet the individual needs of the child and are described in our Phonics Rationale.

Phonics Rationale

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