Dylan’s blog

My name is Dylan

I am 12 years old

My blog is about healthy eating, fitness and weight loss

My weekly progress:


This week I had

Breakfast- cup of tea

Lunch- brunch hash brown and bacon etc

Tea- bucket of chicken

Exercise I done-treadmill for 5 mins

Cross trainer for 4 mins

Bike for 5 mins

Rower for 3 mins

Gym ball for 12 reps

Ropes for 22 reps

Rope pull ups for 10 reps

Leg weights for 15 reps


Gym-treadmill-5 mins

Cross trainer- 4 mins

Bike-5 mins

Rower-3 mins

Gym ball- 12 reps

Ropes- 22 reps

Ropes pull ups- 10 reps

Leg weights- 15 reps


Breakfast cup of tea- 1 cal

Lunch- lasagne-135 cal potato- 77 cal and garlic bread-350 cal cake and custard-390 cal

Dinner fish-206 cal new potatoes-135 cal and veg-65 cal


Gym-treadmill 3 mins


Leg weights x25

Leg curls x25

Bike 4 mins

Rope pulls 2 mins

Meals I’ve ate with the least calories:

Breakfast-cornflakes and milk 172 calories

Lunch- chicken fajita and sweet potato chips 230 calories

Dinner-chicken madras and rice 600 calories

This week I went to the gym and lasted longer on the equipment and done some exercises with the weights. I also have new fitness watch that tells me how many steps I’ve done in my day. On the 16/1/2018 I done 3000 steps.