Nursing Team

Nursing / health services

The school has two school nurses, and a health care assistant.  They provide continuity of health care for all children at the school as well as offering information, advice and support for parents.

The nurses have a great deal of specialised knowledge in paediatrics and are able to care for a wide range of complex medical conditions and carry out any associated technical procedures during the school day.  Parents are warmly welcomed to discuss their child’s individual needs at any time, both prior to placement and once admitted to the school.

Several paediatric consultants have close links with the school and arrange regular clinics in the medical centre.  In addition, Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons based at hospitals in the region, and the North East Regional Cochlear Implant team visit children as required to ensure an optimum level of audiological support with minimal disruption to school attendances.The school has regular input from the Deaf CAMHS specialist service to support the emotional well-being of pupils.

Parents / carers are always informed of forthcoming medical appointments and are supported to attend with their child.  Appointments at local hospitals can be attended with staff support if parents would like this.