Therapy input for children with PMLD / complex health needs

For the children with PMLD specific input includes:

Speech and Language Therapy support

Our full time therapists plan and implement a number of specialist programmes and interventions for groups and individuals:

Individual mealtime management plans

With direct input from our dysphagia trained speech and language therapist  regarding textures and consistencies, individual plans, feeding and tasting protocols are devised and monitored regularly.  All staff are trained to assist children effectively and ensure they enjoy their meal times safely. Staff are also trained to support children with alternative feeding methods such as gastrostomy.

Specialist communication approaches

We aim at all times to develop the child’s expressive and receptive communication.  This includes the use of Intensive Interaction, signs and/or on-body signs; cues and symbols; AAC (Alternative Augmentative Communication) including the use of switches such as Big Macs;  and the writing of communication passports that shows each child’s individual profile of skills and approaches. We encourage and respond to all types of functional communication – facial expression, gesture, vocalisation, eye pointing and body language.

Occupational Therapy supportDSCF2470

Our therapists provide specialist programmes such as access to technology (including Eye Gaze), switching, independent mobility, specialist seating and postural management programmes. Our occupational therapy team offers advice and support for families with regard to issues in the home and work closely with community based colleagues.


The NHS staff team who are based in school compliment our own service and they work with school teaching and therapy staff to provide individual programmes. They are available throughout the week and provide on call support in holidays and at weekends for our residential young people.


Our on-site facility with ceiling track hoists allows each individual two or three sessions each week to stimulate, encourage communication and maximise physical movement.

Rebound Therapy

Rebound is delivered on site with qualified staff which supports and encourages the child to be active and therefore able to engage in learning more effectively.

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