Parental Involvement

Parental contact with school

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the life and work of the school and are always welcome. We very much aim to work in partnership with parents and hope to share aims and approaches that are consistently managed and reviewed. Visits to the classroom and to see resident children after school are valued by members of staff and contact can always be made to “keep in touch” or if ever there are concerns in relation to individual children, the curriculum (e.g. religious education, assemblies, sex education), school events or any other specific or general matters.

We have a family room for the use of visitors at any time which has tea and coffee facilities.  We also run a signing group for families which is very well attended. It is always possible to come in and talk with teachers, residential child care workers, senior staff or the Head of School.  To maintain security arrangements for the children all parents and visitors are asked to report to reception on arrival.  Home visits can usually be arranged if parents feel these might be helpful.

Parents are encouraged to make contact immediately if ever there are any concerns.  The Head of School is able to give advice should any matters give cause for serious concern or if a parent wishes to make a formal complaint to the board of governors.  Copies of the school complaints procedure are available on request.  Phone calls can be made to the Head of School or other members of staff as appropriate.  If a particular member of staff is not available, a message can be left and the call will be returned as soon as possible.

Updated information about the school is given each summer in the annual report and copies of this are sent out to all parents. Regular newsletters are circulated to parents and friends of the school.   These give details of future events, activities and general school matters.

The school keeps copies of curriculum documentation, policy documents, schemes of work and other educational information that will be of interest to parents.  This includes, for example, copies of inspection reports, details of provision for children’s special educational needs, sex education, religious education and other curriculum subjects.  Further information can be obtained by contacting the Head of School.

The daytime phone number between 08:30 and 16:30 is (0191) 281 5821.   All calls will be answered initially by the school telephonist/receptionist.  In the evenings this number is connected to an answer-machine to allow messages to be left, if necessary.  The evening phone number for residents only between 16:30 and 08:30 is (0191) 281 4916.