Penny Johnson


Class newsletters:

Penny and Sarah Newsletter September 2016

Spring 2017 Newsletter Penny’s class

Going on the ferry Friday April 7 2017

The children had a fantastic day out including a ride on the Shields ferry.

Ferry 1    Ferry 3    Ferry 4

Visit to St James’ Stadium Friday January 6 2017

Class outing to Newcastle football stadium following a series of football training sessions in PE. Alfie is showing his support but we are not sure if he is a true Magpie?


Soft-play – January 2017

Ciaran enjoying a trip to soft play – developing social, communication and physical skills.  Ciaran signed ‘more, like’ and ran up the steps again…

Paul and Molly worked well together planning how to help each other how to navigate through the soft play obstacle course.

Soft play 3    Soft play

Computing – January 2017

Ciaran, Alfie and Paul needed to use their knowledge of number and position when programming the beebots and cars tracing their names

Beebots 3    Beebots 1 Beebiots 2

Out and about

The class visiting a local church as part of their RE work.

Church visit

Learning in school

The boys  concentrated well investigating minibeasts as part of our class bug hunt.

Minibeast hunt 2   Minibeasts hunt

Co-operating and helping each other in food technology sessions.