Therapy input for children with ASD

For the children with ASD specific input includes:

Speech and Language Therapy

The importance of integrated approach and close collaboration with our speech and language therapists, physiotherapist and occupational therapists are essential for each individual’s holistic development.  Each pupil is able to access individualised programmes offered that are designed to support early communication and language development.  Approaches offered include Intensive Interaction, Jabadao, Lego Therapy, and SCERTS.  We use technology such as iPads to promote communication in the community and also have expertise in specialist communication aids such as LAMP, which have been designed especially for children with ASD.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists provide sensory processing programmes to support attention levels and help children to regulate their responses to sensory information.  We find innovative ways for children to access the curriculum using technology.  We provide specialist equipment and furniture such as seating to encourage good posture, increase levels of alertness and thus engage better with learning.  We also use the vocational rehab programme and the 5 P’s model to increase independence and life skills.


All of our children have access to facilities such as our on-site hydrotherapy pool, swimming pool and activities such as rebound therapy.  The physiotherapy team is available to support children’s gross motor development and plan programmes to complement our P.E. curriculum.  Opportunities for communication are a key feature of these activities and we support social communication through games, turn taking and awareness of our friends in the pool, or on the trampoline.