Rachel Jeffares’ Class


Rachel’s class newsletter September 2017

December 2017

This half term we have continued our ancient world theme focussing on the Greeks and Romans.

All our sessions begin with “rhythmic intention” to get our bodies ready for the activity.

We built the town of Pompeii and then destroyed it by making Mt Vesuvius erupt. We felt the earth shaking using a vibrating cushion and helped mix ingredients to create the lava.

The class made Roman shields and we are all looking forward to our battle.

Pupils have used switches to continue a sequence or story with support from Nicola our SaLT

Some of our class use symbol cards to show their likes and dislikes, and to express a preference for a resource or activity.


Pupils continue to enjoy tac pac as a lovely sensory experience.

We have been working hard on our sitting.


September 2017

This autumn term we are exploring the ancient world, beginning with Egypt. We have been on an archaeological dig looking  for mummies, jewellery and the odd brick.


We have made salt dough cartouches with our names in hieroglyphics

We continue to have therapy sessions built into our timetable which includes hydrotherapy, rebound and our posture and movement groups.


Next up is the Romans. Exploding volcanoes here we come…