Residential child care staff have private bedrooms in the residential area and some are required to stay overnight when on duty. The Maintenance Manager and his Deputy are resident on site and can be contacted in an emergency. Waking night staff provide additional assistance for some young people.


Well equipped modern single rooms are available within the residences. Each room has an alarm on the door which alerts staff if children get up during the night. This simply ensures the safety of every child at all times. All rooms can be personalised by full-time residents and many young people bring their own duvets, photographs and posters and other personal belongings such as CD players or cuddly toys. Young people are encouraged to take responsibility for belongings such as clothing and to respect the belongings of others.


There are comfortable, well-furnished sitting rooms, dining rooms and well-equipped kitchens, as well as the usual bathroom, shower and toilet facilities. Young people are encouraged to take responsibility for the residential setting as if it were their own home including taking part in domestic chores such as cooking and loading the dishwasher. A laundry service is available and young people can choose as to whether they leave their clothes in school over the weekend or take them home. Most young people will choose to get changed after the school day into their leisure clothes.


The swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool and sports hall are all available for evening activities. Other facilities within the school such as the sensory room are also available for those young people who require particular activities during the evening.


The accommodation is set within private grounds which include an outdoor play area for younger children and sports fields. Children are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities that make the most of the facilities.


As the accommodation is within easy walking distance of Newcastle town centre, and also excellent public transport systems, young people are supported to take part in activities within their school community. They are able to access age-appropriate activities including cinema visits, use of arts facilities such as galleries and museums, access to the local shopping centres, football matches and parks.