Behaviour Intervention Team

The Behaviour Intervention Team is a highly effective multi-disciplinary school team who meet regularly to provide support to class teams and parents around all aspects of behavior using positive behavior support principles.

Positive Behaviour Support is an approach to behaviour management which focuses on:

  • Trying to understand why a person displays challenging behaviour by identifying the functions of challenging behaviour using the assessment of the social and physical environment and the broader context in which the behaviour occurs;
  • Using this understanding of behaviour to develop, implement, and evaluate effectiveness of individualised support strategies which enhance the quality of life outcomes for the individual and their family/friends/carers;
  • Promoting a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach involving all parties who provide support and care for the individual.

Students from any cohort can be referred to this team by any member of staff or parent if input and support from the behavior intervention team is required. The team uses a variety of methods to support the pupil, class team and families or residential setting including:

  • Observation – what is happening?
  • Formulation – to forensically examine and try to understand the reasons for the behaviour
  • Behavior data analysis – to identify the triggers for behaviours and successful strategies
  • Functional assessment – the understand the function of the behaviour
  • De-brief – to support students and staff following an incident
  • Training – so staff are confident and competent in managing incidents
  • Reflection – to see what can be learned from an incident
  • Exploration and development of behavior strategies
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • Development and review of Positive Behavior Plans – that include a description of the pupil on their best days as well as known triggers and behaviours
  • Guidance and support on the use of Non-Abusive Physical and Psychological Intervention (NAPPI) strategies