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Carol’s class newsletter September 2017

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December 2018


Pupils really enjoyed playing in the snow this week. While public transport came to a standstill nothing was stopping Jack and Alex on the side by side trike!!!!!


Pupils have been learning the story of ‘George and his Marvellous Medicine’.  One pupil chose items he would like to put into a pot of his own medicine, pupils learnt new PECS symbols to request spices to mark make with and another pupil re-told the story in sentences with the pictures as a prompt.  Everyone has loved learning about George’s story, especially how Grandma grows as big as ten houses after swallowing the potion!

November 2017

Making poppies and joining in assembly.


Baking therapy – working together as a small group to make peach crumble and smoothies.


Science – this experiment was seeing if you can blow up a balloon in a bottle with and without a hole in the bottom.


The pupils were asked to make predictions and  then all students completed their evaluation sheets using either symbols or writing.

September 2017


Continuing their ‘BFG’ work, pupils have created their own dream canvases to display in the Hillcrest centre.  Pupils practised their mark making and fine motor skills drawing trees.  One pupil was so proud of her work, she wanted to hang it above her daily timeline.  One pupil used the BFG spelling game to generate his own list of four and five letter words.


As part of our science sessions we are looking at Solids, liquids and gases. We have participated in experiments to make balloon rockets, coke bottle rockets and have even made our very own ice-cream in a bag. Students have discussed and observed how materials change their state in some very exciting ways.


Pupils have made their own Roald Dahl frobscottle and snozzcumbers!  Pupils used a variety of equipment and the lesson included many functional life skills.  Evie spent more time on task this week, using her task/break cards.  Mohammed independently drew his interpretation of the BFG besides his nonsense words, which included his giant ears!


We have started our Roald Dahl topic, by taking part in some interactive story sessions based upon ‘The BFG’.  Pupils have been introduced to Sophie and the BFG, made their own pair of giant ears and taken each others’ photos catching classroom dreams! Over the next few weeks, pupils will be using Communication lessons to make Snozzcumbers, Frobscottle and their own dream jars.


Pupils have adapted to their new space and classroom environment well.  They are comfortable with their new peers and enjoying learning together.