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Queries about current pupils in school can either be directed to the class teacher via your child’s home – school diary, email or phone, or to the Head of School.

Behaviour Intervention Team

The Behaviour Intervention Team is a group that meets at least fortnightly in order to support the work that the class teams do to increase positive behaviours in all our students.

The team includes: teachers, therapists , Family Support Worker, Behaviour Support Worker and NAPPI (Non-Aggressive Psychological and Physical Interventions) trainers.

Students from any part of school can be referred into this team if there is a change in their presentation or if families, or the residential / school team working with the student, want to find out what is causing or driving a particular behaviour.

Once a referral is received the team will seek to gather data then produce a report if appropriate and offer advice or training to the family or staff involved. Reports created by the team can take a variety of formats, including such as: Behavioural Analysis Report, Functional Behavioural Assessment, Formulation of Sexualised Behaviour, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Formulation or a 5 Ps Formulation that investigates issues around the behaviour.

The team also takes a lead in the production of each pupil’s Behaviour Support Plan. This is a document that describes typical behaviours on good days as well as what can happen when the child becomes agitated, disruptive, destructive or dangerous. The school’s philosophy is that challenging behaviours are often communicative in intent or demonstrate that he / she needs a change in environment, sensory diet or may need a medical referral or review.

National Autistic Society Autism Accreditation


The NAS Autism Accreditation programme provides autism-specific quality assurance for hundreds of organisations throughout the UK and across the world. By providing a unified standard of excellence and a systematic framework for continuous self-examination and development, we aim to continuously improve the quality of service provision for autistic people.Autism Accreditation is an internationally-recognised process of support and development for all those providing services to autistic people.

Northern Counties School first achieved Autism Accreditation in  November 2013 and we were reaccredited in January 2017. Our Lead Practitioner for Teaching – Autism is also an assessor so visits other schools on behalf of the National Autistic Society.

Please click on the link below to see our latest accreditation report:

Northern Counties School Accreditation Award Panel Report 2017