Our curriculum is topic based and planned over a three year period.  It has been written to take into account the particular needs and interests of our current cohort of pupils in school.  Each topic has an overall theme and topic learning goal, which all classes work towards.  Each term, pupils take part in a planned Enrichment Week, working towards the particular topic learning goal.  Pupils celebrate their successes at the end of the week together.

The curriculum has four main elements – The National Curriculum and religious education, life and community based skills, the specific curriculum entitlement for all pupils such as enterprise and work related learning, accreditation and extra-curricular opportunities.  Emphasis is given to each individual’s priorities as set out in each pupil’s statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan.

The National Curriculum has some adaptations, for example, our pupils do not study a modern foreign language.  When using the National Curriculum, objectives are used as a guide, however teachers reflect the needs of each individual child within their planning.

During our curriculum based lessons we use the pupils’ strengths to build new skills such as repetition, visual aids and lots of structure in relation to session content and organisation.  Within school, pupils are encouraged to take part in all aspects of school life, such as whole-school assemblies, Enrichment activities, sports events, Christmas pantomime, ASD specific theatre trips, residential visits and lunchtime clubs such as film, swimming, Lego and art clubs.

The triad of impairments is an important part of our curriculum planning and lesson delivery and will be taken into account when teaching every subject.  Within the planning there is outstanding consideration with regards to curriculum, communication, social interaction and flexibility of thought.  Planning also takes account of teaching the generalisation of skills in relation to different staff, contexts and resources.  Therapy is embedded across all lessons and within each individual’s daily timetable.

The curriculum allows for the assessment, planning, teaching and learning of Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports (SCERTS). The curriculum documents provide suggested SCERTS targets detailed for each academic area, to provide a communication or emotional regulation focus for every subject included in the curriculum.  In addition, students have individually set SCERTS targets based on the SCERTS assessment process.

When pupils enter our Post 16 department, we prepare students for the next steps in their journey.  The curriculum is planned around four key areas; Wellbeing, Employability, Independent Living & Community Participation.  All students have a Personalised Learning Programme, which is tailored to suit a student’s individual ability. In Post 16, we offer a variety of qualifications, individual to each student.  Celebration of achievement is important for our Post 16 students.  Students hold an end of year celebration day, with a range of fun activities.

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ASD Curriculum Map Sept 2020 – July 2023