Northern Counties School uses EARWIG Academic which is an online platform that holds an individual timeline for each pupil in our school by displaying their academic journey through a range of photographs and videos of their learning.

Each EARWIG photograph record usually contains a commentary by a member of the school team, presented in the form of a continuous timeline covering the pupil’s journey through the school by celebrating pupil achievement.

Within this commentary the school team refer to the pupil learning by linking in the statements from the iASEND assessment tool we use within school to monitor pupil progress.

Parents are provided with a secure login, so that they can see each new record as it is made. These timelines lead to more interesting and relevant conversations at home about what your child is doing at school and parents are able to add comments to each record which will be seen by the teacher. Parents are notified when there are new records in their child’s timeline through an email alert. This gives parents almost real-time access to see what their children are doing at school that day. If you cannot access your child’s record please contact the school office and we will resolve this for you.

So far parents have been delighted to be so informed as well has having an insight to the learning that takes place which is through engaging and motivating sessions.

To have a better insight of EARWIG Academic please use this link –

Child protection

Any facility dealing with images of children must be cognisant of its safeguarding responsibility to keep those images secure. Each Earwig school system is a separate secure environment and, while school staff can access and use Earwig records in a variety of ways, each parent can only see the records in which their child is tagged. For more on EARWIG’s policies and technology in the regard, go to PRIVACY or DATA SECURITY on the Earwig website.


Permission for photo use within EARWIG is obtained through the school’s photographic permissions form.