Family Support Worker – Jane Pollinger

I am the family support worker at school. It’s a new role and is very much still in development, but since September 2015 pieces of work have included:

  • Helping with transition from children to adult services, for example arranging for and accompanying  parents to visit  different projects within the Percy  Hedley Foundation
  • Liaising between services, for example school, home and residence, to help share information to benefit the young person such as likes or dislikes, communication preferences, any significant changes or updates
  • ‘Signposting’ towards other people and organisations about adaptive aids for the home
  • Help filling in PIP forms
  • Finding out information from home to help our work in school, for example how parents manage a mealtime or a specific behaviour can help us re adjust our strategies in school to help support the young person
  • Being an impartial person for parents to talk to if they feel they have an issue that cannot be resolved by the class team
  • Finding out from parents how they feel about school if they are happy with how their child is progressing at Northern Counties School and if there are any problems I could help with
  • Sleep routines
  • Supporting parents looking for other service provision
  • Issues at home or school

Please feel free to contact me at school if there is anything you would like to discuss: 0191 281 5821 and ask for Jane Pollinger or email


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