HI Department Blog

January 2019

Mairead’s Class 

This term’s Food and Drink topic has gone off with a bang! Literally! The students have thoroughly enjoyed exploring what happens when you mix mentos sweets with coke in Science and predicting what will happen if they use a bigger bottle and more mentos! The snow did not put us off investigating. 

We started the term sorting food and drinks into categories and finding out what each of our favourite foods and drinks are.


This was not as easy as it seemed and led into interesting conversations about drinks / food being solid or liquids. Yoghurts, jelly and the gastro feeds prompted debates amongst the students and staff!

Each student has a list of food and drink based words to learn to read and write this term. We are looking forward to exploring these and expanding our vocabulary. It links into our functional literacy and numeracy programmes and our aim is to ensure the students can use food and drink language to get our basic needs met from the people we know and in the community.


Helen’s Class

Last term Helens class was the first class to explore the new Green Screen resource in the art room. We created our own backgrounds linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory using plasticine then acted in front of the green screen. We later combined this using the computer to create a scene from the novel.