HI Department Blog

April 2019

Mairead’s Class

In Mairead’s class this term, we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the topic of ‘Food and Drink.’ We have been investigating a range of different foods and putting food into different categories, such as dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables.

During the week of Red Nose Day, we even investigated grouping food into colours. Lots of vocabulary building has been going on and using our thinking skills to work out why we have grouped the foods and drinks into categories.

The students have been learning to read, write and spell lots of foods they like and can ask for. We have also been developing skills linked to saying no to foods we don’t like or want in an appropriate way.

We spent two weeks looking at how bread is made and at stories linked to bread. We read ‘The Little Red Hen’ together then made our own bread.

We held a ‘Bread Week Bake Off!’ Jo came to judge the breads and tasted them all. Michael was crowned the ‘Bake Off King!’ Lots of fun was had by all. 


Penny’s Class

Penny’s class held a ‘posh’- ‘ladies day afternoon tea’ to say thank you to the special ladies who help look after us at home.  As part of our communication in the community work we researched different types of flower pots and then in our Design and Technology lessons planned and made our own flower pot to give as a special thank you present.  We also used our IT skills to design and create a powerpoint to then present at our afternoon tea finale.  There were cheers (and tears) all round as the children were so confident communicating and presenting using their preferred mode of communication e.g. British Sign Language/voice/photographs/symbols.   

As part of our topic on ‘transport’ we have visited Newcastle Central Station – we got to look inside a train and even sat in the driver’s seat.   We have also visited the Grace Darling museum as part of our history work and saw the boat that she used. 

In Geography we have been learning how to use pictures or symbols to show familiar places and what they are for and recognising physical/natural and human made features of places.  We have also been using maps of the school ground to discuss and work together as part of an orienteering challenge.  

Julie’s Class (14-19)

We have enjoyed visiting Food Nation to make fish meals, and visiting an allotment.

We have made and sold wine racks, bath shelves and Mother’s day gifts as part of our Young Enterprise topic – we have already made a profit! 







A student painted a picture of an African Sunset for an Art Competition.





We have had lots of visitors in school to talk about college courses, apprenticeships and work experience. One student has been working alongside the Mears group to gain experience in painting and decorating. 

14-19 have been working hard to complete Entry Level Qualifications in English and Maths and have completed lots of Asdan Challenges. We have also been doing BSL Level 2 Assessments

Helen’s Class

We have been fully involving ourselves this term in our topic of Gardens and Parks. We have begun planting lots of things in Science in preparation for our scientific enquiry work linked to plants and how they grow. We have planted vegetables as well as flowers and are hoping to have something to bring home to share with families at the end of the term. This week we have been on a class visit to Rising Sun Country Park. It was fantastic to see all the amazing flowers and wildlife and do some field work linked to maps and geocaching. 


January 2019

Mairead’s Class 

This term’s Food and Drink topic has gone off with a bang! Literally! The students have thoroughly enjoyed exploring what happens when you mix mentos sweets with coke in Science and predicting what will happen if they use a bigger bottle and more mentos! The snow did not put us off investigating. 

We started the term sorting food and drinks into categories and finding out what each of our favourite foods and drinks are.


This was not as easy as it seemed and led into interesting conversations about drinks / food being solid or liquids. Yoghurts, jelly and the gastro feeds prompted debates amongst the students and staff!

Each student has a list of food and drink based words to learn to read and write this term. We are looking forward to exploring these and expanding our vocabulary. It links into our functional literacy and numeracy programmes and our aim is to ensure the students can use food and drink language to get our basic needs met from the people we know and in the community.


Helen’s Class

Last term Helens class was the first class to explore the new Green Screen resource in the art room. We created our own backgrounds linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory using plasticine then acted in front of the green screen. We later combined this using the computer to create a scene from the novel.