Hillcrest Post 16 – Claire Atkinson, Annemarie Martin and Ashleigh Sinclair’s Classes


Hillcrest Centre Post 16 newsletter 2017

Hillcrest Post 16’s class newsletter January 2018

Summer 2018 Newsletter Hillcrest Post 16 class

December 2017

Our students have been hard at work continuing to provide their own odd job service across the school including car washing, litter picking and a variety of other odd jobs!


K’s Kaf has been so successful selling caramel lattes and herbal teas that she has had to advertise for staff.  Students wrote their own applications and had to answer a series of questions.   She held interviews with Post 16 students to recruit!  K has taken on one new member of staff to work alongside her on Wednesdays.

September 2017


One group of students are having a fabulous time trying out horse riding and two of the students have even progressed to trotting on the horse already! Soon, in addition to riding the horses  the students will also begin to groom them appropriately.


Students exploring the keyboard together as part of Hannah, our music therapist’s music session!