Pupil information is gathered, moderated and analysed in a number of ways using various measures. iASEND is used to unify our curriculum offer and to track and measure progress and attainment. iASEND an innovative assessment, tracking and target setting cloud-based system, based on the National Curriculum and developed in response to our pupils’  needs and assessment without levels.

All pupils have individual targets in the core areas of the curriculum (English, Maths, Science and Computing), individual therapy targets and specific targets driven from their statement or Education Health and Care plan. This data is used to provide rich information with regard to the progress of individual pupils, cohorts and the whole school. Senior leaders use this information to inform school developments and plan future interventions. Individual teachers and therapists also use this information at a class level, to inform teaching and learning and therapeutic interventions.

Please click on the links below to see pupil information for the whole school and previous years’ data in different formats.

No pupils in Year 6 were able to take part in Standardised Testing; therefore, all pupils were disapplied.

NCS Pupil information data dashboard

Pupil information HI and ASD 2016 17

Routes for Learning PMLD Data 2016-17

Exam results 2016-18