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Julia’s class newsletter September 2017

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December 2017

The children access a range of switching activities during their school week to develop their skills using motivating switch accessible materials.

The purpose of using a switch is to give the child a degree of control and independence of making something happen. Some children use small movements with their fingers to activate a vibrating toy which always makes them smile when it starts.

A great deal of focus and concentration is needed to use the holding stick to ensure a good grip. We think her face tells the story of how hard it is to do.

It can be so much fun using a touch screen to make the egg hatch but takes a lot of effort and some support to reach for the screen. Well done for making it hatch.

We use different switches for different children to allow greater access to the experience of activating their favourite toy.

September 2017

The topic this term is ‘The Ancient World’ which will allow our pupils to access a range of activities and experiences relating to ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt.

Our resident artist teacher supported the children to recreate some colourful collars made from a wide range of materials. Lots of different textures were explored and the children gave clear signs through facial expressions to whether they liked or disliked the stimulus. Please look at our range of creative work to demonstrate our art skills.


A range of communication strategies were used by the children throughout the session.We encourage good eye contact and head positioning to enable pupils to communicate their needs and inform choices.

The movement of his hand away from the tissue paper informed his staff he did not like it.

By holding the tissue paper to his face he could look more closely at it.

Big smiles demonstrated that he was enjoying the cutting action of the scissors.