Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2021

Keeping Children Safe in Education is guidance that is brought out annually by the government in response to changing evidence around children’s safety. Each year different areas of concern are identified and guidance given about how to identify children experiencing abuse and what we need to do to keep them safe.

Our safeguarding policy is reviewed at least twice yearly in order to include any new areas of concern that we should be thinking about.

The current full KCSIE September 2021 guidance is below:

All staff must read KCSIE Sept 2021 part 1 and annex B (p123-142 of the full guidance). This covers what they need to know, what they should do if they have concerns about and child or if they have concerns about safeguarding practices within school.

Governors should read KCSIE Sept 2021 part 2 (p24-46 of the full guidance) so that they are aware of the responsibilities of governing bodies, proprietors and management committees.

Annex A – is a condensed version of part 1 (that can be read by staff who don’t work directly with children on a regular basis)

Annex B – includes detailed guidance on specific safeguarding issues, such as:

Child abduction and community safety incidents

Child criminal exploitation (CCE)

Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

County lines 

Domestic abuse 

Preventing radicalisation 


Honour-based abuse

Modern slavery


Working together to safeguard children July 2018

Working together to safeguard children is a guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Children missing education

Children missing education is statutory guidance for local authorities that we use in inform our attendance monitoring and promotion activities.