Rebecca Gillett and Ruth Woodford’s Class


Michelle’s class newsletter September 2017

Rebecca and Michelle’s class newsletter January 2018

Summer 2018 Newsletter Rebecca’s class

January 2018


Pupils started their Pixar/Disney Spring topic by completing some early Colourful semantics tasks and exploring a range of Mr Potato Head resources to develop their fine motor skills.  Pupils were creative in their designs and had fun interacting with their new toys.

December 2017


Pupils have been using their mark making skills to create Christmas reindeer and tree prints.  Pupils watched the results of their own actions and made some fantastic pieces of work to take home.

September 2017


On Friday 29th Sept, we went to Cullercoats – Smugglers Caves. This was linked to ‘The BFG’ where he took Sophie to ‘The Land of the Giants’ which consisted of caves in the mountains. We explored the caves and the children enjoyed ‘The BFG’ sensory story while we were there.


On Friday 15th September we went to Ouseburn Farm and Valley.  Linked to Roald Dahl – Fantastic Mr Fox went to his neighbours farm and ate their chickens! We went to the farm to see what other animals he might have encountered! We also saw some tortoises – just like Esio Trot


Pupils are highly engaged in their Intensive Interaction programmes, using our new Hillcrest sensory spaces.  The sensory room has been fantastic for encouraging anticipation, turn taking, requesting using photographs and vocalisations.  One of our pupils will interact through song, once the mirror ball is switched on!


Pupils in our Key stage 1 class continued to explore the theme of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. Someone is looking very pleased with the crocodile she made, practising her fine motor skills by wrapping pipe-cleaners around a lolly stick.  More fun was had counting up the crocodiles hiding in the tuff sport rice tray and interacting with the staff team playing burst pause style games.  Finally, having fun using a photographic recipe to make some bird pie pastry.


Pupils have been taking part in some interactive story lessons based upon ‘The Enormous Crocodile’.  Activities have included making enormous crocodiles from handprints, finding plastic crocs in green gloop and mark making using green felt tips.  Pupils have produced some fantastic work.