Parent Support Group

We host a parent support group that meets monthly in school.  It is an informal group set up by parents, offering a chance for parents to meet, have a coffee and chat.

It can also be used as a forum to share information, as a platform for the parent governors to give feedback and also used as a resource in facilitating other organisations to share their knowledge and expertise. Flyers are usually sent in the home/school books the week before a meeting. There is also usually a marvellous selection of biscuits…

The group meets usually on the last Thursday of every month from 10:30-12:00 unless otherwise dstated) in the Family Room at school. This year’s dates are:

  • Oct 16 – Wednesday 12th 4.30-6.00pm
  • Oct 16- Thursday 20th
  • Nov 16- Thursday 24th
  • Dec 16- Thursday 15th
  • Jan 17- Thursday 26th
  • Feb 17- TUESDAY 28th
  • March 17- Thursday 30th
  • April 17- Thursday 27th
  • May 17- Thursday 25th
  • June 17- Thursday 29th
  • July 17- Thursday 20th

We look forward to seeing you there!