General Information

School Location

Northern Counties School, Tankerville Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3BB

(If using Satnav then please use NE2 3BA.)

School times

Mon – Fri      9.00am- 3.30pm

Transport Information

Student transport is generally provided by their Local Authority. The staff at Northern Counties make every effort to ensure that liaison with the taxi companies is good and that any difficulties are resolved. However the Local Authority ultimately holds the responsibility for monitoring the performance of the firms contracted to do this work. Some families are eligible for a personal payment if they transport their own children.


If a pupil is unable to attend school, the office should be informed. Please contact the  school office: 0191 2815821

On the pupil’s return to school a note should be sent with a reason for the absence. This is a legal requirement. It is possible for planned absence to be authorised by Headteacher and the forms are available from the school office. Parents are encouraged not to take their children out of school during term time yet may request this for exceptional circumstances.

School Meals

Lunchtimes are an important part of the school day. School meals are provided at no cost to parents. All students’ individual needs are catered for. Pupils are welcome to bring in a healthy snack for break times.

School Uniform

School uniform is encouraged but not compulsory. All pupils should be dressed in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. There is a range of clothing available with the school logo, which can be purchased through the school office. Primary School uniform consists of a white polo shirt and a purple jumper whilst the Secondary School uniform is a white polo shirt with a black jumper. Post 16 students can opt for a black hoodie.

Home learning

Additional work to be carried out at home is part of our support to enable pupils to reach their full potential. However, homework is not appropriate for some of our pupils and parents will be informed by the class teams of how to support learning at home appropriately.

Activities may include: reading, spelling, life skills tasks and activities associated with pupil’s Individual Education Plans. There is an expectation that pupils undertaking accreditation will receive some home based learning tasks.

Religious Education (RE) and Collective Worship

We follow a differentiated RE curriculum within the context of advice from the Department for Education.  Planned work undertaken during our daily collective worship has a religious basis but takes account of pupils’ cultures, experiences and achievements. Parents retain the right to withdraw their child from religious education and collective worship.

School policy on charging for school activities

We can legally request voluntary contributions in support of any school activity taking place during or after school. However there is no obligation to contribute and pupils will not be discriminated against if parents are unwilling or unable to contribute.