PMLD Department Blog

January 2019

Ros’ Class 

Ros’ class have responded fantastically to a new piece of equipment this year; the magic carpet. This technology allows students to interact with a range of images and exert control over them with their movements. The students are able to access the carpet independently either directly on the floor or projected onto trays and tables. The changing images, lights and music have prompted students to move independently and explore. This has enabled them to develop their understanding of cause and effect. It has also been lovely to see students playing alongside each other on this device. We wish we could have it in our classroom every day!


We are also lucky to have a new rebound room which has been specially adapted with lovely ceiling lights. All the class have responded well to accessing sessions in this room – as can be seen by the delight on their faces in some of the pictures!

Rachel’s Class

The Autumn term brought change as two classes were joined together.  All of the pupils responded positively making great progress in their social interactions.


We have continued to follow our physio plans enjoying stretches and hydrotherapy, with those who rebound now working towards a Winstrada qualification (a badge and certificate).

In communication we continue to work on our best yes, and use symbols and EyeGaze through all of our daily sessions.

In sensory exploration we have worked on our choice making with our eyes and hands, and have explored a variety of materials with support.

Spring term will continue to be a busy one I’m sure!

Pam’s Class

Our topic this term is Shops and Cafes, we began our topic with a visit to Jesmond to see all of the shops and cafes there and experience the smells and textures. Our interactive story is the Tiger who came to tea. The children have enjoyed exploring the tiger and all of the things he ate.

They have also been exploring different smells when they made bath bombs as one of our children especially likes the shop Lush. We have had art lessons from our new art teacher, Lauren who has had us making pictures with tea and coffee and hot chocolate and marshmallows. We have explored the ingredients to make a cake with Kim and have had fun in hydro and on rebound.