PBS statement

What is positive behaviour support (PBS)?

At Northern Counties we aim to deliver a school wide PBS approach. This means we enable staff and families to:

  • Understand the needs and behaviour of students, who (may) present with behaviours of concern and remain dependent on others to meet fundamental needs
  • To work together, in order to promote a meaningful quality of life, for both the person and those who care for them.

It is our goal to support every student in NCS to feel safe, happy and part of the community. We strive to achieve this by valuing student voice; supporting readiness for learning; promoting choice and improving quality of life in a meaningful way for each individual we support.

We use a three-tier model (universal, targeted, specialist) within school to target our PBS support and intervention at an appropriate level for each students’ needs. These ensure that each student has an embedded approach of the 4 key PBS principles: Promoting Quality of Life; Values Led; Understanding Behaviour and meeting needs; Making systems work for the individual.