School Council

The school council meets on a monthly basis. Representatives are from each of our hearing impaired classes and two students from our older ASD cohort. Prior to the meetings the student council members liaise with their peers and PMLD staff and pupils to collate and issues/requests that they would like the student council to raise at the meeting. Throughout the student council meeting pupils are supported by staff to raise any points they wish to discuss linked to school and having a positive impact upon life at Northern Counties School and with other stakeholders.

Following the meeting, minutes are distributed across school, council members feedback to their peers and specific actions are completed.

Over the last year the school council have achieved the following:

  • Identified and selected the design for the school council representative badges
  • Organised fundraising events including raising awareness of a local child needing a heart transplant, organising a competition to support funding for a wheelchair accessible roundabout. Members of the school council created posters to advertise these events.
  • Raised £368.80 by organising a pyjama party for the Sick Children’s Trust and Bethany’s Wish. The school council organised a range of games for the party including Deaf BSL Chinese whispers, pass the parcel, musical chairs and a range of parachute games
  • Meeting with members of the Variety Club in order to accept receipt of a new minibus
  • Commenting on aspects of the school environment such as ensuring all clocks around the building say the correct time, ensuring all older hearing impaired pupils have the correct number of larger chairs in their classroom
  • A recent request arose from older deaf students requesting to access the local shops over lunch times, this has been agreed and is supported by the therapy team. This happens weekly and the pupils now access the shops (with relevant support).
  • Been involved in whole school assemblies
  • Organised potential work experience opportunities in the dining room, cleaning the tables following lunch
  • Discussed the quality of school lunches with the catering team and agreed with the team that the pupils could have orange and blackcurrant juice to drink with their meal on the last day of each term.
  • Securing a set of new football goals for use on the field during break times/PE
  • Organised a competition to select artwork to be displayed in the wellbeing room and worked with the whole school to produce a butterfly picture for display in the room also. This supported the nursing team to work towards their ‘You’re Welcome’ accreditation
  • Secured more water bottles for pupils completing community visits when it is hot